Pop Unmuted is a podcast dedicated to in-depth discussion of pop music. Our podcast brings together young music writers from varying academic and critical backgrounds who are passionate about pop music to start insightful dialogues about pop songs, musicians, technologies, industry trends, or anything else that interests us.

Pop Unmuted was started by Scott Interrante and Kurt Trowbridge, two young musicians who bonded over their shared passion for pop music and an interest in theoretical analysis of it. Scott earned his B.M. in Music Composition from SUNY Purchase College and his M.A. in Musicology with a focus on contemporary pop music and gender at Hunter College. Kurt earned his B.A. in Arts and Humanities with a minor in French from Michigan State University, works as a front-end web developer and runs his own chart aggregating website, Crownnote.com.

In addition to the flagship Pop Unmuted Podcast, Scott hosts K-Pop Unmuted with Stephen Knight, discussing the latest K-Pop music. Kurt hosts the Crowncast with Adam F. Soybel, running down the latest news from the Crown 100.


New Episodes from the Pop Unmuted family are released every Wednesday. Pop Unmuted and K-Pop Unmuted each release two episodes a month, while the Crowncast currently puts out one episode per month.

Theme Music

Special thanks to Skylar Spence, whose track “Skylar Spence” serves as theme music for Pop Unmuted and “Baby” is used as theme music for K-Pop Unmuted.