Episode 20 – Free Kesha

Trigger Warning: Emotional and Sexual Abuse.

On Episode 20 of Pop Unmuted, Scott Interrante and Kurt Trowbridge are joined by MTV News writer Sasha Geffen to talk about the legal situation going on between Kesha and Dr. Luke. Then, previous guests of the show send in audio tributes to Kesha discussing her music and what she means to them. Contributors include Kira Grunenberg, Megan Lavengood, and Taylor Myers.

For more reading:

Sasha Geffen, The Inexhaustible Warrior Power of Kesha: Nothing Can Break Up, MTV News.
Katherine St. Asaph, Some Reporting Questions For The Kesha Court Case, Medium.

You can play Crystal Warrior Kesha here.

People in this episode:

Sasha Geffen

Sasha Geffen is a writer for MTV News.

Scott Interrante

Scott Interrante holds a Master’s degree in Musicology from CUNY Hunter College focusing on contemporary pop music and masculinity. He hosts Pop Unmuted and K-Pop Unmuted

Kurt Trowbridge

Kurt Trowbridge is a web developer and freelance contributor to Billboard.com. He is the founder of Crownnote.com and the host of the Crowncast.

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