Episode 31 – Are OneRepublic Cool “Kids”?

On Episode 31 of Pop Unmuted, Scott Interrante and Kurt Trowbridge are joined by Business Development Coordinator at Songkick Adam Raza to talk about “Kids,” the latest single from OneRepublic and why some artists are perceived as “cool” while others aren’t.

People in this episode:

Adam Raza

Adam Raza is a business development operations coordinator for Songkick.

Scott Interrante

Scott Interrante holds a Master’s degree in Musicology from CUNY Hunter College focusing on contemporary pop music and masculinity. He hosts Pop Unmuted and K-Pop Unmuted

Kurt Trowbridge

Kurt Trowbridge is a web developer and freelance contributor to Billboard.com. He is the founder of Crownnote.com and the host of the Crowncast.

Songs discussed in this episode:

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One thought on “Episode 31 – Are OneRepublic Cool “Kids”?

  1. Hey guys, I’m glad you’re enjoying OneRepublic’s Kids! The M83 influence in Kids, although a departure from their past records, wasn’t much of a shocker to me because 1R has expressed their M83 music taste and even performed a mashup of Good Life and Midnight City on their Native Tour (something I experienced in person and it was awesome). 1R tend to change their sound with every album cycle but I feel album 4 will be even more eclectic and indie-popish because I’m hearing its influences are more driven from each band member’s music taste.

    You’re conversation about “cool” artists was interesting and I agree it is a huge factor. I believe music is subjective and I understand if 1R is not someone’s cup of tea but may I say what irks me as a fan is when people disrespect or dismiss “that apologize band” without giving them a chance. Like what you guys mentioned about being in the middle road or just simply mistaking them for one direction (no offense to 1D but people do automatically dismiss boy bands just cause they’re labeled a boy band). I’ve seen it countless times especially on social media before a 1R concert of individuals complaining how their friends dragged them to a 1R concert and basically hate on the band but then after the concert they literally say “I take back everything” and even claim this 1R concert beats their favs live. It’s pretty hilarious so I’m torn between annoyance and amusement. What also tends to happen is that it finally clicks that this band actually put out more of their favorites songs than they previously realize. Hopefully they go back through 1R’s discography because there are hidden gems that don’t quite fit with radio play.

    Having said that I highly recommend seeing 1R in concert haha Ryan Tedder’s vocal range and stage charisma is life. The rest of the band—Zach, Brent, Drew, Eddie and their touring member Brian put on a stellar performance too. I love how the six of them switch instruments so frequently depending on the song (Zach would go from playing the viola, to assisting in drums, to a badass flamenco guitar solo etc). Some members play multiple instruments in one song (the bassist would switch to cellist). Oh and you’ll probably won’t see anyone rock a tambourine as hardcore as Tedder. So in short, you won’t be bored. I listen to both “mainstream” and “underground” artists but I don’t care for what’s perceived as cool or not; just what inspires me or lifts my spirits or feel a real emotional connection to. As it should be. But compared to the autotuned, artificial, superficial and debauchery that some mainstream artists flood the market with…if pop bands like 1R resides in this “uncool” category then I’ll be fine with taking the middle road 😉

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