Episode 4 – CL’s “Lifted”

On Episode 4 of K-Pop Unmuted, Stephen Knight and Scott Interrante are joined by Tokyo-based music writer Patrick St. Michel to discuss CL’s latest attempt to break into the American pop music market.

Songs in this episode:
BoA – “Eat You Up”
Wonder Girls – “Like Money”
Skrillex with Diplo, CL, and G-Dragon – “Dirty Vibe”
CL – “Lifted”
Wu-Tang Clan – “Method Man”
Puer Kim – “Pearls”
Hyuna – “Morning Glory”
BLACKPINK – “Whistle”
BLACKPINK – “Boombayah”

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One thought on “Episode 4 – CL’s “Lifted”

  1. Listening to your Blackpink comments.

    Yes, I think 2NE1 absence played a part, but honestly I don’t hear many kickass beats coming from girl groups, like power songs. 2NE1 used to do this, but even without them, this is an element in kpop that goes missing for too long too often.

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